Why TZP makes me Sick …..

Taare Zameen Par [ TZP ] is a good movie and Amir khan can be congratulated for bringing dyslexia as a theme of an Indian movie.

But them somehow ,i dont really feel the movie is all abt dyslexia or even status of education in india .The movie has a strong undercurrent of a Fathers palce in a childs life ….More so is …a fathers place in sons life.

Coming in terms with fathers has never been easy for Sons . Infact this as an occurance seldom happens .There are generally 2 extremes , either He has a place of God , not to be scanned critically or a complete and convenient ignorance .Its just left there ….like a coiled spring , generations after generations .And that is what ensures the phenomenon continues.

Producing a Man , one more Man in this world is concept thats thrilling to Men .And this ,which is sledom acknowledged as DADs attitude towards Sons is central to this theme.Sons are seen as extension of the Egos by DADs much like sowrds used to be in earlier times.And this adds quite an amount of expectation and possession on the Son.Posession is something that keeps the worlds going.They say Boyz dont grow only the toyz do .And a son is a power toy.

Its definitely not that all Fathers are the same or any such generalization .The point however is the differance between love and love for a reason .The reason can assume several shades and so does the relation of DAD with the son…Caring …Abusive …Neglected …pampered …even pure and truely loving …so on …so forth.

Its because the kids life is controlled by some one , its very important that once grown up a critical analysis of this process and if needed some new decisions should be made by each of us.Easy as this is to say , such review of authority figures[or for that matter any past relation] can be painful when you realize you where loved for a reason and not loved enough….or at all ! .Those who bear this and manage to review lives are what you would see around as examples of Happy people .

We should give parents their due share of being human and being fallible in decisions they made for the kid.Once can also say that Men are not wired to be emotional.But i think its stretching the justification too far. Men are just not used to give attention to subtle-basic-long term things.Or may be.. they are just never told that they don’t.

None needs an explanation that Mother is the one (usually) one that teaches the child Love and how to Love . And Fathers …well…. lets say protection or say they tell the boy how to be a Man .
But then do they really tell the boyz how to be a Man , coz in that case there wont be anything to mention abt.What actually happens is Fathers tell the Sons What is it to be Man .And this is what is the catch !

A Father is kids concept Man .Or incase things are bad , its his concept of how not be a Man.But in wither of the cases he is the one that rules .Rules ……….a child’s contract with Authority Figures . Its a seed that defines almost everything related to authority , howz , whats , what Nots etc .Its this authority…this concept of Control, as the kid grows up , he adds his own observation and makes a Final contract of his life. And this time its about Power .

And we dont any elaboration on how and what Good and Bad …………..can be -was- and will be affected by Men Plus Power equation .

And the Sad part is….. this equation lacks , again for one more time, for one more generation , the same things .The adamantness of being correct , the insistance on control,the emphasis on possession, the lack of scope for any other point of few ….and for the worst part the ability to love …or ….to love …just like that…for no reason …themselves …….their sons…often enough ………

[No gender bias , this blog is abt Sons] .
[This one is a writeup.. not my Dairy].