Wake up Sid : Friends with Benefit

Ayesha…. aish was walking towards him .. and a smile broader than the rainbow spread across his face .It always does to Sid … fill  him with joy , hope , cheer …and … love . May be it was the the way she walks when she approaches him .. or may be it was her eyes ..the look .. the gaze .. calm , steady and attentive .. but it would always charge Sid with life .. and he would wonder often what it is so magical that happens when Ayesh is around …may be it was the way she walks to him ..rhythmic , eager and fast … err .. not fast actually … but Sid could not stop this little change that was there today . The small amount of speediness in her .. is she fine ? Sid though as Ayesh was walking the last of her steps to him .

“SID . Who is this Ishan ? I mean i gathered it from facebook that he used to work with you .. but how can you tolerate him write such things onto our wall .. umm .. I mean our pics on your wall ?” Ayesh said it with a tone that went from firmer towards dry .
“Which ones dear ?”Sid asked perplexedly   tyring his best to remember which one of the comments that Ishan made on his pics might have angered Ayesha .And boy there were many of them from Ishan and from rest of his friends . It was an out pour of comments , some direct .. some short and some covert but “Comments” nevertheless ; showing cheer , surprise and tease on his birthday pics . Pics that were unapologetic declaration of their togetherness 🙂 . For some one as shy-handsome and introvert as Sid , it was a perfect FB moment . A moment of them breaking the news with everyone without saying it was a news .

“So”  and a long pause told Sid that Ayesha has guessed what is going on his mind by now . He would have otherwise felt blessed about this chemistry of theirs .. but when he has something to explain over an unknown matter …
“..Let me tell which one of the comment it is ..” Sid was tensed in anticipation the moment Ayesh said it .

”  ‘You seem to be picking all the good things at  Mumbai’ … what was that Sid ?”
“Well no .. Ayesh .. its not about you  Ishan said it ..” And the immediate stare from Ayesh had Sid explaining more
.. “I mean it was about you but not the way you mean ”
“My friends were pulling my legs … over the pics I posted .. you see that’s the sort of thing friends do …. I could have done little but stop them…and then why would I stop them in fact ?”
“That’s fine Sid .. but “picking up good things” .. that was not the sort of thing that is friendly banter. It almost sounded like he was praising you for the catch you have had here . Which in this case happens to be me . AND  I   OBJECT  TO  IT  ” . Ayesh was expressed .

“Thats not how it is Ayeasha .. its just that Ishan was happy to see me with you . I mean he was happy to finally see me with someone .. with you . Whats wrong in that sweetheart ?”
“There is Sid .. it tells us lot about what sort of attitude you guyz had towards girls . I wouldnot be shocked knowing that otherwise . But it also tells me that even you  see it that way”
“But i dont Ayesh .. you know that ”
“Well … umm .. then atleast you used to see it that way”
“Nooo … i din’t .. even Ishan doesnt see it that wat … but you know .. thats how guyz talk ”

“Sid . Its not as simple as that  . There must be things your guyz discussed , that plans you made , the desired you expressed to Ishan . And logically why else will he refer to me as good thing that you picked up  . Unlesse either he knows that you are good at picking things or he knows that you always wanted to pick a thing . Which one is it Sid ?”

“None” Sid said in void , by now it was going much against what he might have expected to happned moreover he did not expect it all to go in this direction ….
“See its not like this . You know all about me Jaan … its just that Ishan is happy to see me in a relationship finally . Who will not want his friends to be in relations and see them happy ?
Thats all there is to it .. may be Ishan was not very mindful of the words and that struck you .” Huff .. that was by far the best defence Sid could have put .

“Dont give me marketing speech Sid , thats what we are tought in the calss arent we ? And what is this…. Finally in a relationship ….that you said ?”
“Were you always trying to get into relationship and Ishan was you helper in them ? So I see …. now that you bagged it .. he is happy aint it ?”
“Nah Ayesha .. we dint have any plan like that … like .. you know .. guyz always discuss girls and flirt around..but relationship is something diff , nobody wants to plan getting into to a relationship and commit it .. you know that ..dont you ?”
“Well i know … but then .. what is it with the Finally sid …? was it that Ishan was always prompting you to get along with some girl and now that you are he is happy … is that how simple it is ?”
That was the simplest of sentence Ayesha had sid …
and Sid was shocked by the realization that the discussion is about to be closed ..
and where it is going to get closed was the thing that was the trouble for Sid .
“See .. he wished that I would be with someone … all frinds do … so now that I am into it he is happy about it . May be he said it in light manner but its not the sort of thigns that you are saying … thats not the sort of thigns i do .. thats not me Ayesha …”
That sort of sealed it for sid . Being plain and honest had always helpded him in life and it was the sort of thing that Ayeahs adored about Sid . So there was some clam on Ayesha’s face that relvied sid .. but it was not all clear yet .

“No sid … i know you … but there is something deeper here … Why is Ishan happy to see you finally in a relation ship ?
Is that he felt that you can not get into one … as if you are not capable of … or is it that he thinks that you should have been in relationship long time back ..
and now that finally you are he is happy .. I mean in both the cases the matter is worrying for me !
If i reflect upon them .. it tells me a lot about your being … and where i fit into the whole thing … into your life .

A smart,nice, handsome Enginner with a killer smile ..who is a readymade boyfriend material .. but for some reason .. he is never into a relationship !
What is that stopped him ?
Is it something to do with his personality .. his emotional quotient or is it that you are lying to be completely about you past ”
Ayesh said that .. all in one bearh without even blinking an eyelid . And sid stood there .. silenced .. bored ..irritated .. saddened and angared … all at the same time .

“See Ayesha .. your logic is fine . I should have been into relationships early on … but i was not …..Is that a problem ?
May be there was X thing wrong or Y factor wrong .. so what Ayesh …Now i am .. here with you .. happy… so why bother about it ….
and even if we do …. this is not a business case study … this is life … its our relationship for god’s sake.
May be there is some thing missing in me on a deeper analysis .. but that ok … we have rest of life to fix it ….
Why do you link Ishan’s casual remark on our photos with something so drastic ? Whats wrong in it that?
.. I being so eligible …fell into relationship so late …many people do …some people infact never are that lucky …so what Ayesha?
I never saw you with so much of analysis… so why you have to ? As destiny has it … we met … right here .. in our MBA collage ..and lady luck simled at us…
…. Now what ….You have problem with that?
Is it  that your mind is not able to accept that two good people can fall in love so late in their lives ?

“Ayesh .. how far you wish to carry your intellectual disbelif .. is up to you but i refuse to share that burden ” Sid said it with certanity and a strange calm returned to his face .

“AND..finally .. what Ishan said is how guyz talk .. its not about your respect or disrespect … but its about guyz cheering eachother over things in life..and this is how we do it in India ” .