You … ..what next ?

being a person wasnt ever a big deal as its now , blame it on advertisers if u already know where it came from …or a little of it can be attributed to western+post industrialized way of philosophy [ if thats how we could call it ].

its when we produce more than what we need , we needed the way to sell it .And dont you make a mistake of assuming its about physical goods . Its good plus the researches that went on …the theories that were formalized ….the new layer and groups that evolved in human interaction . we produced more and we produced a still smarter ways to get ppl used to it [ perhaps the deadliest of the weapon ].

And the center of all this happend to be the person , the man ..the comman one …was invented and was sold as the frist concept and lo ..u got a great unit to deal it .And the formula was then on quite simple , weave everything around the common man and u got all of them that exist in your grip .people wud buy in ;coz; either its for a common man or just becoz it isnt .A very solid and lil less evident of this is democracy and the most obvious one might just be coke .

You center the focus on the common man , build aspirations , sow dream , capitalize on myths and if none useful create new one .Thats what went on , if one analyzes the concept of love as popularized by Hollywood flicks and damn it ………….., ppl go crazy on these stuff even without realizing whats going on and more dangerously where its going on .

I am not much perturbed by the fact that individuals are being manipulated . To be honest , manipulation was core of the society as it got formed when homo sepians formed groups . Whats more distubring is , individuals are being seeded to stop thinking on the lines of being an individual .Humanity was never encouraged to be so dumb.

Thats deadly and that what the concept of being a person makes the picture more clear .We personalized the god , the religon , the food , the recreation on till sex [ on lines of orientation ] and then on the existence .Its every where that we are told to be your self .
And that really is the biggest shot .

It not to say one need not be your self and live life his/her way .That would be real great .And thats not so easy .One could go on arguing the virtues on existence, point is how many of us are actually so much aware of self .We , i feel ,lost it long back when the word emotion and relations were invented.And thats where love became a need than a want.So when one says its by free will , its prudent to questions how independent is free will .To cut it short it usually isnt , at least to the extent its been exploited .

Enter our concept of freedom,enjoyment , quality time ,relations … being in love — real love , living ones own life, career ..achievement and the one begin to see that these concepts are not the one that are bad .What bad is the way everybody is made to subscribe it.It almost like mediocrey being enforced on us all by the name of being special .

As a cross refernce we could also mine the reasons as to why ppl are less happy , relaxed etc in these time , if we choose to connect these question to what i have said above .But for short ….every one of the common man ..the guy on street is finally individual …and in fcat more and more individaul .And more lonely too.Consumption became virtue ,thast where you get multiple IDs , credit cards , emails and so on .The person and individual concept is carried too far to have many many IDs for the same guy .And then the question …the million doller one arose …who to do with them .

Either you go on creating more and more IDs for ur self , In all areas of life .But hey that kinda of looses meaning .Thanks god we still realize it .But then hey …what do do now you have reached so far …

There is a solution …after all the great marketing wheel just cant stop .The way is pass time with it …celebrate it . Celebrate your being individual.Blogs , communities , groups and then You tube .Dont stop ,Broad cast …yourself !

May be we are closer to some destination on this journey . And we better do , before all the things , that used to be precious , friends, having character, kindness , adjustment , art ..and so on …start to loose meaning .We do …lest it too late …too far, for us .

The answer to title question is …you tube ..and then you mirror and then you vanish .After all … being a person wasn’t ever a big deal and its now And it wasn’t so essential as its now…. wasn’t ever a big pain as its now .

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