Wake Up Sid : The End

A man in group of people , any group .. is vulnerable . People around us affect us .They can expand our chances or limit them . Careers most of pains come from denial of this fact .
On the contrary its very empowering to accept that we are vulnerable . Then our assumption of security or insecurity practically vanish . Whether it’s a Freshers starting his career or some one holding a role , happiness at work or absence of it , it not a function of ones boss or company or technology but how one deals with the vulnerability .Often its very empowering to accept it. The realization does not change any thing but make our choices wiser .

So if there is a conclusion that Java, Spring , MBA will secure anything or absence of them makes someone weak then the conclusion is very short lived . Given the complexity built up that is there around us , the race not for a programming language or onsite money but to stay relevant . Just like mobile phones ,what was sufficient yesterday is not happening tomorrow .And the pursuit of relevance is a very personal battle .

A guru is supposed to shape a man to his best . But that concept was lost when we industrialized . Its then very important to know that the concept of supervisor is for mass production .Master pieces are created by individuals . Being fundoo if that is the goal someone has, then the answer lies inside .A company or boss can at max give you time opportunity for it .

When Toffler wrote his books , he dint know it will apply to IT careers so correctly … When the change is fast the only career skill and advice that’s needed is to keep yourself sane and normal all along the journey !

___________________________________________________ The End _____________________________________________________________

If DCH was a generational movies for my age of people , wake up sid carried the same significance for this generation of youngsters . DCH was about how 3 friends discover their own place in the affairs of the world around them .Wake up Sid was the opposite .It was about an individual finding place for the world around him in his affairs (no pun intended 🙂 .

The days of someone telling an inspiring quote to a fresher and see it working were over . It was of no use to tell a fresher that hard work is key to success or any simple funda like that ….The demand was for simpler and direct answers ..

Wake up sid – the Finacle Pune Ops Council initiative did not attempt to give those answers but to raise some questions that could give these answers .Todays post is the only one which is philosophizing it  . The initiative ends here , with my last day . Hope it had helped in some way or the other .

As a matter of creativity , I might find time to write stories in future and those can be checked at http://sachindixit.co.in/

Notes :
Complexity built up was a term I coined last year . The challenge was to come up with a simplest explanation of why 60+ people were not able to operate smart phone . It took me quite to time to phrase the answer that they dint understand the concept of menu options ! But to a kid going in school it comes as natural .And that is a classic case of how complexity built up shapes people’s ability to do things and to some extent archive success .And that applies to IT work too, programming being a case in point .If one sees the evolution of java and J2EE in particular , its becomes very clear that so much has been made simple that it all sounds trivial .Spring if you understand makes it even dumber to write an application .That’s what frameworks are written for … It was then shocking to see Sid’ fret over not being able to work in Spring or Hibernate ! The same case of Java can be extent to other language or aspect of work , but that’s not the point .
As the complexity builds up , what was fundoo yesterday becomes basic today . This is where specialization comes in . And specialization not about whether people call you expert in something but about being selective and focused in one thing . The problem with having more choices that it becomes tough to be a generalist and simple to be specialist . But this very truth was seen by Sid’ as if someone is up to restrict his growth .It was case fighting where no villains existed .