RBI is asking feedback on Ur Bank : Please speak

Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) had formed a committee to form a report customer service on Indian Banks .Now the report has been made public on 3rd August .RBI has also invited
comments from public on the proposals made in the report .We all need to welcome such customer friendly measures
and contribute to it.

The main features of the this report according to RBI site is as follows .

  • Creation of a toll free common bank call number
  • Providing plain vanilla savings account without prescription of minimum balance
  • Setting up of third party Know Your Customer (KYC) data bank
  • Prescription of service charges for basic services
  • Providing small remittances at reasonable price
  • Providing floating rate housing loans on a non-discriminatory basis
  • Compensation for delayed return / loss of title deeds in the custody of banks
  • Zero liability against loss in ATM and online transactions
  • Enhancement of DICGC cover up to  ` 5,00,000
  • Prepaid instruments up to  ` 50,000/- for frequent travellers
  • Differential merchant discount / fee for debit cards
  • Self-personalisation of cards enabling customer to fix limits / area of operation / activation for international use
  • Instant blocking of ATM card through SMS -BLOCK for lost / misused cards
  • Transition to chip based card (EMV) with photograph
  • Chief customer service officer (CCSO) for grievance redressal in every bank
  • Submission of life certificate for pensioners in any Core Banking Solution (CBS) branch
  • Automatic updation of senior citizen status in CBS
  • Financial inclusion through branch expansions in the North -East
  • Moving towards paperless fund transfers
  • Ensure fulfillment of the tenets of customer service through inspections.
The team was mandated to cover following items in their scope
” fair treatment, improvement in the service to pensioners, attitude of the bank staff towards the small and rural customers, service charges and  fees, loans, transparency in operations, grievance redressal, promptness in service, education and information on new products, services, customer rights, expectations etc “.
The charter of this report is about the end customer I urge each
one of the common man to give their feedback .All it takes is a 5
minutes for writing an email .

An individual can submit such a feedback in following manner .

  1. Send email to :  cgmcsd@rbi.org.in
  2. Send Post to following address : Chief General Manager, Customer Service
    Department, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, Amar Building, First
    Floor, Sir P.M. Road, Mumbai-400001
  3. Send fax to 91-22-22630482 / 22631744

It should be noted that there is no formal format for giving feedback .
You can read the complete report at http://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/PressRelease/PDFs/IEPR177PC0811.pdf  .