New Gas Connections : How to Go About it

Its obviously my own experiences with getting a new gas connections that lead to this post .

In short J

0.0a> If you call Area Managers- Sales Officer from Gas distributions , and talk in pleasant manner J … it works !!

0.0b> Don’t argue with the ladies on counter in distributors office , note down the lies they tell you and call the sales officer-raise complain.

1 > Ration card is not mandatory as address proof [ pls check individual vendor website for acceptable proofs ]

2> You need not purchase Hot Plate [ sigdi ] from the distributor . There is no rule as such .

3> A typical cylinder connections would cost somewhere around ; 850 deposit + 300 [ refill ] + 2-300 [ for tube and regulator ] .Thats it .

4> Companies never instruct distributors to allocate or not allocate new connections in any particular week-date or month . [ wel I was told that company has stopped issues new connections in March End or in later half we issue only second connections for existing users only ].

5> In case you don’t purchase hot plate from company , you are supposed to Use an ISI marked Hot plate .That’s it .

6> Inspection at the time of first delivery from the distributor is already paid for at the time of new connection .Don’t pay them again , no tips.

7> The ppl delivering cylinder would point out problems with gas leak and are not supposed to and qualified to repair any problems with hot plate .

While you should get the leakage problem corrected , you can choose you own repairman .

8> Don’t bribe/Tip the delivery guy .Home delivery means delivering the cylinder into your kitchen and replacing it . For free.

9> when you call the distributor for a refill it is your Right to enquire – request – instruct cylinder delivery at a particular time of working hours ,

Its pretty acceptable if

you want to take delivery in person @ distributors office or

you want them to deliver the refill at your neighbors house [ obviously your neighbor should have your passbook with him ].

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Indane Gas : ==>Talk to Us ==>LPG Complaints [ emails ] [ Phone Numbers ]

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…..wat happened to me ….i suffered for 15 days …then called the area managers of Indane Gas @ Mumbai and then pune and …wow….i got connection in next 10 minutes ….that too in march end .