Why reminiscence is pleasure

Remember is a rather mechanical word . For it doesn’t best express the pleasure that come  with it . The pleasure of remembering things , more sweet than bitter . The act of deriving pleasure is central to human beings . Its a temptation so hard to resist that we even revisit past (events) to […]

15 August : Happy What?? Day

On 15 the August   India celebrates its  independence day . This line almost feels like opening sentence from of a school time essay and deservedly so .It was probably only in that age of innocence this day used to thrill  almost every kid. For most of the non school going Indians this day means […]

Surviving Friendships

practical is an often misused word . Its mostly used to contrast like “Ideal vs practical” . The real contrast for me is actually “Realistic vs practical “. Practical in simple terms denote something that is practiced . And if you agree to this usage you will know why i chose to start a post […]

Hail : rakhi ka swayamvar

Heyy ……………. Finally Rakhi Sawant got married . Ah What a relief . and what a show it was man … 5 weeks …many news channel …millions of Indians and one lady ! My ramayan reading mom was glued to TV for this show just to see how far this lady will go ……. and […]

Teacher and Guru

Got this  in an email ..dunno the author … read the last line its awesome .. ============================== TEACHER & GURU A teacher takes responsibility of your growth A Guru makes you responsible for your growth A teacher gives you things you do not have and require A Guru takes away things you have and do […]

Taming of a bright kid ..

Tushar was indeed a cute kid . Sparkling eyes with a tinge of mischief , curly hairs and an innocent face this little devil had . The way he would tilt his neck while saying Bye to his mother ..on his way to school bus ….was the best moment of Shila’s life .And she would […]